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Sessions may be scheduled as 50-minute or 90-minute sessions. Sessions may take place in-person in the Brentwood office or virtually.

Session rates are the following:

  • Individual Sessions
    • 50-minute session: $95/session
    • 90-minute session: $142/session
  • Couple Sessions
    • 50-minute session: $150/session
    • 90-minute session: $200/session
  • Pre-Marital Sessions
    • 50-minute session: $65/session
  • Family Sessions
    • 50-minute session: $175/session
    • 90-minute session: $230/session
  • Full-time college student sessions- special rate
    • 50-minute session: $40/session for a limited number of students
    • A current letter from a college/university stating that you are fully enrolled in a college program will need to be provided.

Regarding payment:

  • Payment is accepted by credit or debit card.
  • Therco does not accept any form of health insurance.
  • Therco offers a limited number of sliding scale options. A tax return will need to be provided to determine eligibility.
  • Therco does provide a Good Faith Estimate. Please click here to learn more about the Good Faith Estimate.
  • Clients may request a receipt after each session.
  • Sessions that are not canceled within 24 hours of the start time of the session will be billed in full to the client.

Other details to consider:

  • Therco provides telehealth sessions through the platform called Simple Practice. Please click here to learn more about Simple Practice.
  • Clients must have access to the Internet, a computer with video and audio capabilities, or a cell phone with video and audio capabilities, and a safe, quiet space to have the session.  
  • Unless a disclosure agreement has been signed prior to the session, clients may not have any others in the room for their session.
  • The clients must be in the state of Tennessee when services are rendered.
  • Following the consultation session, if the pre-licensed therapist and individual(s) choose to move forward with Therco, the individual(s) will receive a copy of Therco’s policies, fees, and a contract. Clients will also be asked to fill out and turn in paperwork prior to the first paid session. Therco will not conduct a full session until all paperwork is completed.
  • E-mail, text messaging, voicemail, and other electronic communication may not be HIPAA compliant, by reaching out on those platforms, the individual acknowledges the risks and does not hold THERCO, LLC responsible for a breach in data.

Polly Douse is the founder of THERCO, LLC. Polly Douse has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (temporary license number is 2043), pursuing licensure, and practicing under the supervision of Joni Batts, Ph.D., LMFT, RPT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, license number 1111.